Mica Tapes

Mica Tapes

Mica Tapes is made of mica paper (natural phlogopite, calcined muscovite or synthetic mica) glued special resin to the substrate of glass fiber or polyethylene. To bond mica paper to the substrate epoxy or silicone resins are most commonly used. For this reason they are also called micanite tapes.

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Product Description

Mica Tapes are rolls of adhesive made out of mica paper that are backed by materials such as paper, 3-ply paper, glass cloth, Polyester, Kapton, or PET. Mica is a term that refers to a group of minerals that have related or similar chemical or physical properties. Mica materials are generally light and malleable. Mica is beneficial in electrical insulation as it offers dielectric strength, electric conductivity, heat resistance, along with high shear and tensile strength. 

Typically, the tape is produced with a thickness of 0.08 mm to 0.15 mm and widths depending on the needs of the customer (in the range of 4.5 mm to 1 000 mm).

The thicker tapes, i.e. with a thickness of 0.2 mm to 0.8 mm, called mica rolls, are produced in a standard width of 1 000 mm and lengths from 20 m to 50 m. They are made using a phlogopite mica paper and thus can operate at temperatures up to 800 °C. They are characterized by very high dielectric resistance (breakdown voltage > 10 kV / mm). R-5461-P-Rx rolls are based on phlogopite mica paper reinforced by glass cloth or harmless ceramic fiber (according to customers’ requirement).


   high thermal resistance - good fire resistance,
   non-flammable, does not contain asbestos, does not produce toxic gases,
   very good resistance to electrical breakdown and corona discharge,
   excellent tensile strength, anti-shock.

Factors determining the properties of mica rolls:

   kind of mica paper,
   type and amount of binder used (resin),
   type of applied substrate (fiber glass, ceramic, plastic film)
   number of substrate layers.

There are the following types of mica tapes:

based on phlogopite, resistance up to 840°C
based on calcined muscovite, resistance up to 900°C
based on synthetic mica, resistance up to 1000°C
Depending on the material of substrate and the number of layers of the substrate in each of the above types can be distinguished many kinds of tapes.

Depending on the amount of binder used is also mentioned tapes heavily - , medium - , less -  glued, which also does another division into subspecies tapes. 

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